All of Monroe 816's all-natural soy candles are hand-poured near Greenville, SC and triple scented by Modern Forestry. All candles are made of real ingredients such as - essential oil, 100% American-grown soy wax, and cotton wicks.

With a higher melting temperature, soy candles last 30-50% longer than traditional paraffin candles. Clean burning, soy candles do not emit toxins or chemicals and are less likely to trigger allergies. Naturally biodegradable and water-soluble, soy wax spills are easy to clean up and do not leave a chemical film on the candle jar. 


Monroe 816 soy candles can be poured for custom orders in the scent, and jar you desire for weddings, showers, birthdays, and special events. We even can customize labels for you! 


Materials: soy wax, mason jar, natural, American grown, hand poured, all natural, essential oils, cinnamon.


**Additional shipping costs will be added for orders over 25 pounds**

Candles & Wax Melts

  • Questions

    Do your candles have essential oils in them?

    They have tested them with straight essential oils only in candles and have found that they are just not compatible. Through their testing, they have found that they have a good cold throw before you light them, but once they start to burn, you may get very little scent. At the worst, you may get a fuel-like smell. Because of that they use fragrance oils that have essential oils in them and they work amazing for candles. 


    Can you use these candles as a lotion?

    Yes! The oils used are also hand-safe (unless indicated in the listing very few are not) so that means you can use them as a hand lotion. Soy wax is naturally a hand moisturizer so that means you can enjoy the benefits of your soy candle and help heal the cracks in your skin that come with the dryer months!





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