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Year of Change

So...kinda big deal (at least to me). Tonight I made the move and put my creations into a booth at the 4th Street Flea Market on the Square in Garnett. Granted, there's a lot of "decor and details" that still need to happen, so it's a work in progress...but THE furniture is there. I am pretty sure all this is meant to happen for a reason. Matty (my supportive husband) needs me to abandon some of the space in our (ok his) shop, that I have been taking over with my ever growing business, in a fairly quick timeframe. Turns out...he needs the space to finish doors and trim on a sizable project for a customer's new house (ok, I get it, way bigger deal than my 'lil thing). So, I'm taking up space at the Flea Market until the next event, or until I have a place to call my own. So come check it out! I am booth #816 (surprised, right?), in the center of the main floor! And guess what...They are open until 6 pm so you still have time to shop after work! Big things are in store this year for Monroe 816. Other big announcements soon to follow, so stay tuned. Are you ready for a change? Then MAKE it! Now is the time. If I can you! Life is way too short! Make your mark NOW!!! #monroe816 #livebeautifully #chachachachanges#2017istheyear

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