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Monroe 816 is a trendsetting furniture and home decor boutique with Midwest heart. We show you how to “live beautifully” by helping you transform your space into something that makes you feel good. Whether you want a finished piece, or a fixer-upper, Monroe 816 can help. We offer newly restyled furniture and handmade decor, along with vintage pieces for you to restyle on your own! We provide an all encompassing restyle experience by offering everything from the raw vintage piece, the paint, and the instructional workshop to help transform the piece into something beautiful!"









I’ve always had a compelling desire to do something bigger with my life. Becoming a mother of two boys at a young age, I had no choice other than to work two jobs, for our financial survival and to fulfill my need to be creative. After my boys were grown and I progressed in my professional career, I found myself less gratified by my career and felt the call to follow my heart.

I started Monroe 816 in 2015, first as a blog site with decorating and entertaining tips; then I quickly moved to selling restyled furniture at pop up events and flea markets.  In May of 2017, after a huge nudge from GOD and the encouragement from my family, I walked away from my “big girl job” to shift all my focus on Monroe 816.


In less than a year from the day I quit, I was running a boutique, added interior decorating services, workshops and DIY classes, and hand-crafted items from local makers. To say I did any of this fearlessly, would be a complete lie. Sometimes you have to push past the fear to make your dreams come true.

At Monroe 816, we believe strongly in the words “live beautifully.” This means more than just putting beautiful furniture and décor in your home. Believe me, I come from, and still live in, a little fixer upper!  But to “live beautifully” means being real, making your space comfortable on a budget, doing more of what you love and living a beautiful life by serving others.

Monroe 816 is more than a boutique. It’s an experience and a feeling.  It’s a dream that has come to life. It’s a creative space. It’s a safe haven for all that life throws us. Thank you for joining me on this ride. I appreciate you more than you know!


Live beautifully, Val


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