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Home for the Holidays Pop Up ShoP!!

I'm making progress!!! Got a few pieces finished but much much more work to go!!! I am thinking, I'm going to make this happen!!! I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Next event is 7 days away! I have to fit 3 more 8-5's, 3 family Thanksgiving celebrations (which I am so grateful for), some photo editing, and 2 of the annual 3 days of wine drinking and Christmas decorating my house, before next Saturday's Home for the Holidays Pop Up Shop!!! I had to step back and look at my progress today. Wasn't sure I was getting anywhere. So I sorted out the "done" pieces, and realized I had some really fun pieces completed. Sometimes you just have to take a step back to see where you've been, before you decide where to go next. I gained new energy from looking at my accomplishments and realized...I've got couple more hours in me tonight!!! Sneak peek of a few pieces you'll see next Saturday! #loveTHISjob #restyled #livebeautifully#monroe816

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