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Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Decorating a dazzling Christmas tree with lots of charm may be easier than you think! Understanding how the all the elements go together and following my easy tips will create a centerpiece that is sure to WOW your guests.

USE LOTS OF LIGHTS Just when you think you have enough, consider adding another strand of lights! There are lots of options when it comes to lighting, and this is the first step in creating the look and feel you're going for.

DECIDE ON A THEME Pick a color theme and stick with it for all the details. This will help create a cohesive look.

DON'T SKIMP ON DECOR Fill the tree, and then add more pieces. The most stunning trees are the ones that your attention is drawn to the decor and trimmings versus the tree, itself.

GET CREATIVE Don't be afraid to stand out! Just think- faux evergreen stems, real cedar, feathers, pampas grass, twigs, faux florals, pinecones, berry stems and more!

USE RIBBON Grab wire edged ribbon that coordinates with your theme. Hang the ribbon vertically and tuck it into bare spaces. I also recommend cutting 10-inch pieces and twist and tuck it into spots that need a little extra oomph.

DON'T FORGET THE TOPPER Finish your tree with a unique topper that coordinates with the theme- a bow, feathers, floral sprigs will do the trick! You can also remove hangers for ornaments and place them upside down on floral sticks for a big impact!

You don't need expensive materials to make a beautiful tree. However you decide to decorate this holiday season, make it yours! Christmas trees are just as unique as the person decorating them. Happy decorating!


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