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A Time To Remember.

March 18, 2020, the day we closed due to COVID 19. May 6 2020, the day we were allowed to re-open. These two dates I will remember forever.

It was with much reluctance that I closed the doors on the 18th of March. I remember feeling fear, uncertainty, and uninformed. And today May 6, 2020, I feel gratitude, excitement for the future, and joy. But the days in between are what made the difference of us being able to pull through this pandemic as a business. Instead of letting fear paralyze us, we instantly pivoted our entire structure, and made the decisions needed to be able to sell from behind a locked door. We implemented new procedures to make it more convenient for our customers to access our goods and services.. We worked tirelessly to do good things to help others and to be a positive light during a difficult time. And our customers embraced it! We loved on our customers, and they loved us right back! They nominated medical professionals for our weekly candle giveaways, they donated candles for the giveaway, they shopped from our new website and our window. They used our curbside pickup services, our free local delivery, and shipping services. They ordered our Easter baskets, cheer up gift baskets and Mothers Day boxes. They participated in our Monroe Morning Coffee talk Facebook Lives and watched our free DIY videos! They sent kind messages and called to check in on us during those long 7 weeks!

And today, they stepped up again! Thank you so much for all the love and support of our business through this. We feel that the changes we made through COVID 19 will put us in a positive position to provide a higher level of customer service, grow our business and come out stronger than ever in the months and years ahead.

It makes a girl feel pretty damn grateful to know that what her heart wants to build, her customers and community want just as badly. From the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU Monroe 816 customers! Stay tuned. I promise not to let you down!!!

And to my behind the scenes girls (Katie, Mom, DeEtta, Andrea) thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for being willing to change procedures at the drop of a hat, and lose all sense of a normal work day. Thank you for designing, ordering, organizing, and shifting. Thank you for staying with me in my vision and for picking up the pieces to put it all back together! I adore each of you!

Here’s to hope, gratitude, goodness, willingness to change, and kindness!

— Val Owner at Monroe 816

Special THANK YOU to Ashley Rockers who was first in line to come in today, sporting her Monroe 816 t-shirt, and bringing me a sweet treat to go in my coffee!!!